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Uchisar castle

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Uchisar Castle
Uchisar Castle

Uchisar Castle is the zenith of Cappadocia. It is the highest and most beautiful fairy chimney that can be seen mostly places in Cappadocia. The top of the castle is the only place that Cappadocia can be seen as panaromic. All valleys from Guvercinlik valley to Avanos, Ortahisar, Goreme, Goreme Open Air Museum, Kiliclar valley, Kizilcukur, Gulludere, Cavusin, Boztepe, Aktepe, Avanos, shortly the entire Cappadocia is under your wiev.

There are a lot of hollowed cubes, graves and cisterns are on the top of the castle. You can see Cevizli fairy chimneys by looking down from north, Nevsehir and Mount Oylu from west, Uchisar in front of castle, the zenith of Mount Hasan far away from southwest.

Uchisar castle is the only place that Mount Erciyes and Mount Hasan togother can be viewed. It is the best place that Mount Erciyes as the creator of the Cappadocia Region can be seen well.

Since Roman period, it had been hollowed and many rooms, houses, shelters, depots, cisterns, graves and vaults were done. It was an important defending point against Arab attacks. Huge stone parts wer put for defending. It was used for both watching and defending. The castle protected its value in the periods of Seljuks and Seignories between 12th and 14th centuries.

Generally as the borderline area of the seignories, the castle was known as Uchisar because of the location for the east line of Seljuks, west line of Kadi Burhanettin State and east line of Karamans. The castles Bashisar (Urgup), Ortahisar and Uchisar were three important protection areas because they were located on highest pints. Around the castle were densely populated. It is well known that the brother oh Kayseri Governor was the Uchisar Governor. After Ottoman Empire started ruling the region at the time of 2. Bayezid in 1398, the castle was given for the Sultan. Uchisar had the population of 3000 people according to the first cencus in 1530. People continued living in and around the city until 1960.

Uchisar castle was formed with two sharp fairy chimneys which were adjoint. Among inhabitants “Aganin Castle” for the biggest one and “Cavusin Castle” for the small one were named. The castle is similar to a skyscraper which is 50 meters from south and 100 meters from north.

Watching sunset from the Uchisar castle gives a different kind of pleasure for people with the atmosphere of the redness of the valleys and colour changes. The Cappadocia tour lacks without visiting Uchisar Castle foa all domestic and foreign visitors. You can reach to the entrance of the castle by watching old Uchisar houses, Cevizli fairy chimneys, sapkali castle and shops that sell souvenir and traditional carpet from your tour bus, from your car that you have parked on Kesek Square and from boutique hotels or resting rooms that were hollowed on rocks in Uchisar. After you have bought tickets you will reach to the basements that will show the way for the zenith by passing old tandoori house, siranr and barn. While you are moving up the basements it is impossible to protect yourself from the spirit of the view.

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Uchisar Castle
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