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Snowshoeing in Cappadocia

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Snowshoes, developed for military reasons, are being used frequently by the mountaineers because of its providing many facilities. Snowshose enables you to walk easily on the deep snow. During the winter climbing, the mountaineers face many difficulties in walking towards the last camping spot with their heavy supplies. Walking by paving the snow is a very difficult process. The snowshoe helps the mountaineer to walk easily on the snow by extending the pressure to a wider space. The snowshoe is a device looks like a tennis racket and tied up to the shoes. The primitive forms of snowshoes are really like a tennis racket and they are made of hardwood frame with rawhide lacings.

Snowshoe of today

The snowshoes, being used by mountaineers and winter trekkers today, are made of plastic and they evolve a lot of compare to the primitive ones. The plastic snowshoes, having steel alloy frame, are very substanial. They might be used with any kind of mountain, military or skiing boots. They can also be arranged with requested sizes and lengths. Beside the ones for the flat ground snow walking, there are also models, designed for steep and broken grounds, is easy to learn walking with snowshoe although one might feel him/herself like a duck at the very beginning but after 10 – 15 minutes walking it is easy to adapt. Although the usage of snowshoe eases walking on the snow and reduces the energy that we spent , it is better that we do not forget that we walk on the snow. A bit of physical fitness will be needed for snowshoeing. One of the most characteristic of snowshoeing is your being able to reach easily to the inaccessible places during the winter.

Winter Cappadocia
Winter Cappadocia

In recent years, as a winter sport, snowshoeing is becoming very popular in Europe and America. It occurs, as an enjoyable activity especially done by the families with kids. The snowshoeing is rapidly growing up in Cappadocia as a winter activity, especially among the ones who know the beauty of Cappadocia under the snow during the winter time. If you imagine the miracle beauty of fairy chimneys under snow and being able to walking around this gorgeous view without being stick in the snow, the snowshoeing is just for you. The only thing you need to do is to get in touch with the agencies of the region, organizing snowshoeing.

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Snowshoeing in Cappadocia
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