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Gomeda and Uzengi valleys

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The valley is approximately 6 km and it is formed with combination of Gomeda and Üzengi valleys. This is not a popular valley among tourist groups therefore it has a virgin atmosphere. The valley attracts everyone with its churches and multi layer dovecotes and it is one of the important racecourses of the region. According to the entrance pointi the beginning of the valley named as Gomeda and the last part named as Üzengi Valley. Gomeda comes from the historical remains at the entrance; Üzengi comes from the stream in the valley. Üzengi stream starts from south of Ortahisar and meets with Damsa Brook. Surrounding of the stream is a picnic area for people of Ürgüp because of its having mineral water springs and trees around. Walking direction in the Valley follows the direction of the stream.

In order to reach to the beginning point, you need to follow Ürgüp – Mustafapaşa road for 2700 Mt and then turn to right for Ayvalı Village. 2 Km later the parting way, next to the fountain on the right you will see another parting way. There is a sign board of “Gomeda Remains”. If you take this road and follow it for 1200 Mt, you will find a small parking area for your car.. After a short walking distance, you will be entering the valley.

Just before entering the Valley on your right, you will see remains of Alakara Church and unfortunately there is no sign board. The church reached its final shape by the enlargement of an old church, carved into rocks during the late periods. As you enter the Valley, 200 Mt later on your left you will see Saint Basilisk Church on the rockbound. The church has a signboard at the entrance and it is one of the rare churches reaching today and has frescos dating the period before icon lasting period.

You may take the Valley, which has dense flora, with a comfortable tempo in 4 Hours. Wearing long sleeves T-shirts will protect you against bushes and nettles. During the walking you will be following the stream and frequently you will cross the stream. Since the width of the stream is only 1 or 2 meters, it is possible for you to cross by jumping over or by the help of the trees over the stream. You may prefer water proof boots during spring and the period the water level rises. If the season is suitable do not forget to give breaks under cherry and plump trees.

As you start walking through the Üzengi part of the valley, you will see the fascinating dovecotes carved into the rocks. Some of the dovecotes have attractive decorations. To this part of the Valley during summer it is possible to reach by a car by taking the dirt road from Ortahisar Pancarlık Church. After the dovecotes the Valley becomes wider and lies down over the stream. Towards the exit of the Valley you will see on your left a  mineral water spring. It is known as Üzengi fountain and its flow is half liter per second. Because of having more carbon dioxide, it is easy to drink the water, which has intensive sulphur smell. It is believed in that the water is good for liver and gallbladder problems, digestion failure and kidney ailments. Around 15 and 20 minutes from Üzengi Fountain, you will reach Ürgüp – Mustafapaşa asphalt and end your route. If you turn left to Ürgüp direction, afret 2.5 Km you will reach to Ürgüp.

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Gomeda and Uzengi valleys
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