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Balkanderesi Valley

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Although it used to be one of the oldest and well known racecourse of Cappadocia, around for 10 years there are no groups, visiting this Valley for trekking. Because since 1997 the sewage of Kavak and İprahimpaşa Village, the old name was Babayan, is being given to Balkanderesi flowing through the valley. Especially during summer, because of the bad smell the valley is not preferred for trekking groups.

Actually Balkanderesi Valley is the name given to a part of a longer valley. This part lies down between İbrahimpaşa and Ortahisar. The walking stars from the old bridge situated in İbrahimpaşa and connect to two sides of Balkan Stream. This bridge was constructed in 1939 and renovated in 2001. The Balkanderesi valley walking, from İbrahimpaşa and goes towards north-northeast direction, can be started by taking the foot path on the left side of the bridge and going down to the walley. However the ones who would like to have less smell can take the dirt road 200 Mt after the bridge. There is a natural tunnel a bit further of the point which the dirt road reaches to the Valley. Since the middle part of the tunnel is dark, it is better to carry a torch with you. 30 minutes later you start walking, the bed smell disappears. After1.5 hours walking, you will be passing under Ortahisar. Until that point the distance is 3500 Mt. Poplar trees are intense in the valley and because of that the old maps show the stream flowing through the Valley as Kavaklı (Poplar) Stream.

As you come closer to Ortahisar during the valley racecourse, you will pass Balkanderesi Church. The church is a part of a monastery complex and according to your walking direction, it is located on the left side of the valley, a bit interior. As you reach to Ortahisar, the second church that you will be seeing is Cambazlı Church. Comparing to Balkanderesi Church, it is easier to be reached. However both of the churches are hard to be found without a guide. If you want you may finish your Balkanderesi walking by entering Ortahisar Castle in Ortahisar or if yu want you may continue walking along the valley. The valley continues by passing under İshak Castle. Generally trekking groups walk until Pancarlık Church and end the activity here. The racecourse between İshak Castle and Pancarlık point is 2500 Mt. It will take around 1 hour to reach to the side road which will take you Pancarlık Church in 15 minutes. You may finish your activity afer visiting Pancarlık Church.

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Balkanderesi Valley
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