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Urgup mosques

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Esbelli Mosque

Esbelli Mosque was built in 1814 and restored in 1895. The mosque belongs to Ottoman period (Sultan Osman the Young). The part in arch was mended in 1996. It is small and in the view of a small mosque. The mosque which was built by stone cutting over six arhes has four columns. The door which was one wing and wooden round arch is the entrance point for the courtyard. The floor of the courtyars was covered by cutting stones. The part on the direction of Mecca was used for summer and there is mihrab there. There is an entrance door for mosque that is two winged and in arch shape. Because there was no area for woman, a new part was added on an arch later. There is also a fountain. The minare of a mosque was made of small cutting stones with four feet.

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Urgup mosques
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