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Ulu Mosque

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Ulu Mosque
Ulu Mosque

Ulu Mosque; According to the inscription the mosque, built on a crowded peak, was built architect Mehmet Firuz Bey for Karamanoglu mehmet Bey.

Ulu Mosque is built on a horizontal rectangular plan. The inner hall of the mosque is entered by the western gate, decorated with typical ornaments of the Anatolian Seljuk Principalities. The pulpit made of ebony is particularly vauable.

Kaya (Rock) Mosque; Another historical mosque of Aksaray Province of Cappadocia area is Kaya Mosque. Located in the centre of Guzelyurt and probably dating from the 14th C. the mosque was used by both Christians and Moslems. A large part of the wosque is hollowed out from rock and there is a part with a vaulted roof.

Egri (Crooked) Minaret; A Seljuk edifice built between the years1221 and 1236. The tower leans 27 degrees over. Because it is constructed of red brick it is sometimes refereed as the “Red Minaret”.

It has cylindrical trunk on a square base divided into parts by a narrow moulding. The bottom half has a zigzag pattern, the top half is covered in blue and green tile mosaic. There is one balcony and 92 steps. The mosque beside it is a later addition.

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