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Situated 28 km from Aksaray, Selime is a town that was established at the end of the Ihlara Valley. Like Ihlara, Yaprakhisar, Belisirma and Guzelyurt there are rock cut churches here of which the most important is known as a Selime cathedral. The Cathedral has been hollowed out of the rocks on a rather elevated site. Inside tehere are two rows of rock columns. These columns divide the cathedral into three sections. The figurative frescoes of the largest religious edifice in Cappadocia, the 8th century. Kale Monastery, were painted at the end of the 9th century or beginning of the 10th century A.D. The fairy chimneys that can not be seen in other parts of the valley are also to be seen in other parts of the valley are also to be seen in the village of Selime.

Selime Cathedral
Selime Cathedral

Selime Sultan Turbe (Monumental Tomb)

The turbe, located in Selime town, has the architectural and decorative characteristic of an early period piece. A rare example of its type in Anatolia it has an octagonal base and is conical. In the turbe stonework and brickwork are interconnected. From the architectural style and materials it must date from the 13th century A.D.

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