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Pigeon valley

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On the east of Uchisar, Pigeon (Guvercinlik) Valley is the largest and highest valley in Uchisar area. One side of the valley reaches the highway between Nevsehir and Urgup, and the other side reaches Goreme. Stream bed at the last point of the valley continues to Avanos and the Red River. Total lenght of the valley is 4 km. The creek that flows in the middle of the valley was known as Vacillius Creek. Inhabitants still use this name that was derived from St. Basillius.

There are pigeon houses (in Turkish guvercinlik) that give the name of the valley. The people in Uchisar hollowed pigeon houses on the slope of the valley opposite their town. They fed pigeons and used the ordures of them in gardens and vineyards. You can go in these houses which were abandoned and see nest crates and traditional adornments while you have a walking on the valley. There are also small orchards which belonged to the people Uchisar.

Vacillius Creek formed several natural tunnels in the valley. For walking, these tunnels are used. As an entrance for the valley, the ways are from Goreme or Nevsehir.

Having a walk in the valley in summer is a pleasure. While you are walking to Goreme from Uchisar, you can see the sources of Asbab Fountains those woman in Uchisar washed their clothes. If you follow the route for left, you pass Sariusak Fairy Chimneys as the first fountain. After you continue walking from Down Quarter, Tigraz Castle as the second biggest castle of Uchisar stands on you. When you are close to Goreme from valley, you can see close churchs on the left. These natural and historical beauties in the valley form the most mysterious and joyful part of the Cappadocia tour.

Other valleys in Uchisar are Kermil (Gemil) nearly 5 km, Karankemer, nearly 4 km, and baglidere, nearly 2 km valleys. Karankemer, Baglidere and Pigeon Valley reach Goreme on the north. Kermil (Gemil) valley reach Kizilcukur in Ortahisar which is on the southeast of Uchisar. It is the biggest valley in Uchisar.


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Pigeon Valley
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