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Mount Hasan

Mount Hasan
Mount Hasan

With an altitude of 3268 m Mount Hasan is Central Anatolia‘s second highest peak. It is a volcanic formation and is covered by oak forests up to an altitude of 1750 m. It is not difficult to reach and the road continues as far as the ski centre of Aksaray and 15 km from Ihlara Valley. Mount Hasan is an important centre for mountaineering, summer migration, forestry retreats, adventure sports, skiing and cultural tourism.

There are important cultural remains on the slopes of the mountain; amongst the significant remains can be included: Nora (Viransehir) Ancient Site, Sarigol Church, 3 km to the northeast of Yenipinar, Yardibas Church and Sut Church 1 km to the southwest of Viransehir, the 6th century A.D. Bozboyun Church 3 km to the southwest of Viransehir, the mountaintop Tepe Church, the cruciform Cukurkent Church in Dedesivri, the cruciform Kale Church in Yenipinar and the other churches of Nora (Viransehir), plus the Seljuk edifice Karahan (Eshab-i Kefh Hani) found on the road to the ski centre.

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  1. As an independent traveller, is it possible to go to the ancient city of Nor by minibus or taxi ? Will be staying in Aksaray in November. Thank you for the information.

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