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Guvercinlik valley, Cappadocia Turkey

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Guvercinlik valley, situated east of Uchisar is 4000 Mt. You can walk easily through it for 3.5 hours. One edge of the valley starts at Uchisar and it ends at Goreme. It took its name from the dovecote placed in the valley. For the ones who would like to walk through the whole Guvercinlik Valley racecourse, the waking starts at the view terrace, which is located over Menderes Street. You can reach into the valley by following this foot part.

The groups, who would like to walk partially, enter the valley from a side road. The walking starts from the point where Guvercinlik valley sign board is located in Asagi district. The reason for starting the walk from this point is not to walk around the bluff which is in the middle of the valley. However the ones who will choose this route will not be able to see the dovecotes which give the name to the valley. If you enter the valley from this point your walking will be end after 2 hours in Goreme.

If you enter the valley from the view terrace over Menderes Street, the first thing welcoming you will be Vasil Stream. It is assume that the name was given because of Saint Basileos. The Vasil Stream, which goes along the whole valley, created natural tunnels. The walking through the Valley has the direction of the Stream and sometimes through the tunnels. Sometimes, magnificent dovecotes will welcome you. One of them can be easily visited and this is a big chance for the visitors. As the valley meets with the road on the left (the short cut), you will see a deep bluff. There is no passage further more. If by mistake you reach to this point, you need to go back and take the foot path on the left going up. The hilly road can be a bit disturbing but there is no other way. After the climbing your route will join to the route of the ones who would like to walk the Valley partially. The end of the side road will bring you to the main road and you continue walking to the direction of Goreme (norteast). At the end, you will enter Goreme.

Fairy chimney at the Uchisar Goreme road
Fairy chimney at the Uchisar Goreme road

This fariy chimney at the Uchisar Goreme road, with 7 floors, you can see inside of it below photo. If you go there you can see inside it (free)

Fairy chimney at the Uchisar Goreme road

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Guvercinlik valley, Cappadocia Turkey
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