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Güllüdere 1 Valley in Cappadocia

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If you want to include Güllüdere 1 Valley to your route, you need to enter the Valley from the foot path next to the kiosk. After passing through several tunnels and 10 minutes walking you will reach to Yovakim – Anna Church. Unfortunately for now, it is impossible to visit the church whose two doors are locked because of not having a person in charge for the church. You really want to see the church, you need to ask for a help from the authorities of  Nevşehir Museum. 5 Minutes later from Yovakim – Anna Church, you will reach to Direkli (Column) Church. Before reaching Direkli Church on your left hand side you will see a sign board marking a parting way which will bring you to Haçlı Church on Güllüdere 2 Valley. There is a dovecote at the entrance of Direkli (Column) Church therefore it is hard to notice the church, which is an attractive structure, located on 4 main pillars. Visiting both of the churchs and the way back to the kiosk on Meskendir Valley will take 1 hour total.


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Güllüdere 1 Valley
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