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Gorkundere valley in Cappadocia

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There is a kiosk 300 Mt on the right of Goreme exit of Goreme – Ortahisar road. Next to the kiosk there is the turnout for Zemi Valley. Here you can see the sign board of Zemi Valley. Actually here is the starting point for Zemi Valley racecourse. As you take the tournout, after 800 Mt yu will see a ternary turnout. The one of the left goes to El Nazar Church. The one in the middle goes to Zemi Valley and the one on the right will bring you Gorkundere Valley. Among the locals, this valley is also named as Love Valley. It is not a long walking racecourse. The trekking groups have one tour in the valley and take the same road back in order to get out. The total distance taken is 1 Km and visiting around the Valley will take almost 1 hour. The fairy chimneys in the Valley are quite magnificent and worth to be seen.

If you want you can also visit El Nazar Church and Sakli Church. You may find El Nazar Church 250 Mt far away from ternary turnout. The church was engraved into coned shape fairy chimney and during the recent years it had restoration. There is an entrance fee for the Church. Sakli Church  is a bit down from El Nazar. The frescos, which were made directly on the flatten rock, are quite interesting. In order to find and visit Sakli Church, you need help from the person in charge for El Nazar Church. He has the key for the church. Gorkundere Valley, with these two churches, is a perfect destination for the groups who do not have that much time and do not want to have long walking. If you will include the churches in your visit, it means you need to add 1 more hour to your timing.

Love Valley in Cappadocia
Love Valley in Cappadocia

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Gorkundere Valley
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