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Göreme always attracts historicians and travellers during centuries with its natural beauty and cultural affluence. Cappadocia was named as Katpatuka in Persian period. That meant the area that good horses were raised. Nevertheless, it is still argued that the name belongs to Hatti, Luvids, Hittites or Assyrians. For this reason, horses and horse raising have been investigated and important data has been taken. In the Empire Age (1490 and 1190 BC), Hittites gave importance to horse raising. They employed tenders of horses from Mitanni and wrote their suggestions on tablets. So, the suggestions were transferred for next generations. Among the state archieves in Bogazköy, a tablet written by a tender of horse (Kikkuli from Mittani) was found. Xenephon in 401 BC, Strabon between 334 and 394, a young grapegrower from Meccan (Göreme) between 495 and 515 bequeathed us important writings for the history.
Göreme which have the old names of Korama, Matiana and Maccan is 10 km far away from the center of Nevsehir province. The valley created from volcanic rocks is famous with the chimney rocks resulting from the erosion made by the natural factors to these rocks and with the historical richness. It has been an important religious place together with the intensive emigration of the first Christians escaping from the pressure of the Roman soldiers. The population escaped from the pressures has made many abbeys, churches and houses in the volcanic rocks from the valley where they were able to hidden easily. In our days in Goreme are found Elmali Church, Saint Barbara Church, Carikli Church, Tokali Church and Hidden Church and all of these are Goreme Open Air Museums. In the churches there are scenes from the life of Jesus, descriptions of the saints who written the Bible and pictures of Saint Barbara and Saint Georgius.

How can you go: You can go to Goreme from Nevsehir province by roadway 13 km. Nevsehir is 670 km. far from Istanbul, 280 km. from Ankara, 750 km. from Izmir.

Göreme Open Air Museum
Göreme Open Air Museum

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