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Camping in Cappadocia

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Camping is a basic issue that every outdoor sportly should know. Most of the actiities in the nature is not a daily activity. Therefore spending the night in the nature is inevitable. Camping consists of information on accommodating in the nature and using the necessary knowledge and equipment related. Camping can be an aim itself but on the other hand it is a tool for many outdoor activities. Whether or not camping is an aim or a tool for us, there are certain rules in camping and the basic mentality stays always the same.

Basic camping equipments

During camping many types of equipment are needed.If we carry the camp load on our back, it would be better to travel with the minimum supplies, most suitable for the aim. For the camping places, being able to be reached by car, the supplies can be more. Beside the break-proff plate, glass, fork and spoon; multifunctional jack-knife is always required in camping. For the nights, do not forget to bring your torches or headlamps with batteries. In your camp site you will need a good canteen, a jerry can and different size of pans for cooking.Portable small stools are very useful to sit as well. The equipments can be increased but as we say the basic equipments, the firsts come to mind are tent, sleeping bag, mate and stove.

Camping in Cappadocia

There are many places in Cappadocia for camping. But many areas in Cappadocia are accepted as naturally or historically protected areas. Therefore it is better for you to consult with the local authorities or security guards of the area that you would like to camp. In addition,in Cappadocia there are enterprises which are defined as camping area and / or serve for this reason. With a small fee, you can pitch up your tent;; use the facilities of bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

Camping caravaning in Cappadocia

Camping in Cappadocia
Camping in Cappadocia

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Camping in Cappadocia
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