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Silk road

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Silk Road
Silk Road

The historical silk road started in China and extended as far as Genoa, that is to say all the way to Europa, passing through central Asia, Iran an Anatolia. Along it can be found various resting places. There are hans (inn) and caravanserais along an east west axis through Anatolia. In the Seljuk period these were built at 20 km intervals, a day’s journey, to provide food, water, protection and security for the travellers and traders en route.. These hans and caravanserais sre considered amongst the best examples of Seljuk Architectural Arts.

In Aksaray dating from that period there are still four standing of these remarkable buildings. These are Sultanhan, Agzikarahan, Oresinhan, Alayhan and Zinciriye Madrasa.

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