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Meskendir valley Cappadocia

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Meskendir valley, 4400 Mt, lays down southwest direction from Ortahisar to Çavuşin Village. In order to reach to the camping area on the right side of Ortahisar – Göreme road. This turnout takes 800 Mt from Göreme junction, on the main road of Ürgüp – Nevşehir. The vehicles can be left here. As you take the unpaved road continues from the right side of camping area you will see the pathway on your right side. After 150 Mt this foot path will bring you to Meskendir Valley entrance, where you will see the sign board (Never mind, if you can not see the signboard because time to time it is broken)

Do not let the foot path scare you because of its being upright but do not forget to pay special attention to your safety. There is an exit to left in the middle of the second tunnel, which you will find 200 Mt after you reach the valley. As you leave the tunnel from the exit and take the pathway upwards approximately after 80 Mt you will reach to Meskendir Church. If you organize your trekking without stopping by Meskendir Church, 300 Mt after you reach to the Valley, you will reach to a tiny break area. Your walking will continue through the tunnels, engraved by the river. After 1 hour from the entrance on our right, you will see Kızılçukur Valley, go down to Meskendir Valley. 10 minutes later this parting way, on your right side you will see “Unnamed Chapel” which was carved into the rocks. Right after the chapel you will reach to Güllüdere 1 valley parting way where you will see another valley kiosk for drinks. As you follow Meskendir Valley, after 10 minutes on the right there is Güllüdere 2 parting way which is being used by the ones who walk through Güllüdere 2 Valley and go down to Meskendir Valley. After this point Meskendir Valley continues flat until Çavuşin Village. You can walk Meskendir Valley with a comfortable tempo in 3 hours. If you include Güllüdere 1 Valley to your racecourse, you need to add 1 hour more to your plan.

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Ortahisar Fairy Chimney

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Meskendir valley Cappadocia
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