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Local cuisine

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Throughout you journey in Cappadocia you will enjoy the local foods that accompany the unique natural, historic and cultural heritage of the region.

Every beautiful day starts with a good breakfast where you have the chance to sample various offerings. A hot bazlama (gözleme) (thin, flat bread baked over a hot plate) served with local butter, honey, dried yoghurt, free-range eggs fried in butter, sucuk (hot, spicy sausages) or pastırma (dried meat with a spicy coating), local cheese accompanied by a glass of refreshing orange juice or local boiled and sweetened fruit juices will provide a good start to the day. Various jams as well as dried apricots and raisins provide enough energy for the coming rigours of the day.

Dinners will provide lots of different tastes. Tandır meat slowly baked in Tandır (traditional wood burning ovens), hot or cold soups of bulgur (cracked wheat), and çömlek fasulye (dried haricot beans and chopped meat braised in pots) will linger on your taste buds for a long time. In addition, Cappadocia offers yaprak sarması (stuffed vine leaves), patates salatası (patato salad), dolma mantı (ravioli-style minced meat parcels), sulu köfte (boiled meatballs in a tomato sauce), bamya (okra), testi kebap and many other tastes.

Testi Kebap
Testi Kebap

Un helvası (flour fried in butter with sugar), fırında sütlaç (rice pudding with a caramelized top), zerdali yahnisi (braised chopped meat with apricot and grape molasses), bulama (dried grape molasses), aşure (dessert made of boiled grains, beans, nuts and raisins), irmik tatlısı (semolina pudding) and hoşaf (fruit compote) will also cater for your desire.

Following dinner you can enjoy a Turkish coffee, smoke a nargile (water pipe) and listen to the birdsong or classical Turkish music.

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Local cuisine of cappadocia
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