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Gulludere 2 Valley

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In order to reach to the entrance of the Valley, you need to first go to Kızılçukur sun set panaroma terrace in Ortahisar. There is an entrance fee. This panaroma terrace is meeting point for the ones who would like the sun set in Cappadocia. There is a parking area close to the terrace. Here you can also see the signboard of “”Güllüdere 4700Mt” at the beginning of the foot path to the valley. I think this number is written as a total lenght of Güllüdere Valley 1 and 2 Valleys.The Güllüdere 2 valley trekking ends at Çavuşin Village.

It  is a comfortable and enjoyable racecourse. With the breaks and churhs visit, it may last for 3 hours. The first church that you will come across during your walking is Haçlı Church. Some of the groups prefer to take the foot path just on the left just before Haçlı Church and go into Güllüdere 1 valley in order to visit Direkli (Column) church and then climb back to Haçlı Church. Next to Haçlı Church there is a little kiosk where you can buy cold drinks. If you arrive to this point very early in the morning, there might be the possibility of not meeting with the person in charge of the Church and you may lose your chance to visit the church. Visiting the church is not for free. A little after haçlı Church, the foot path is divided into two. Both of them meet on the same point at the end but if you take the one on the left, you will leave the Valley through the ridge without seeing the churhes. Therefore it is better to follow the one on the right. This road will bring you to the beginning of a upright landing path. As you go down, you will reach to Ayvali Church. There is an entrance fee. Here you can also find cold drinks. As you continue walking you will reach Üç Haçlı Church. Here, there is no person in charge and entrance fee. There are signboards on each of the churches. After the churches, the valley which lays down like a stream channel, meets with Meskendir Valley. After this meeting point you may reach to Çavuşin Village by following Meskendir Valley. At the entrance of the village there are places where you can find cold – hot drinks and snacks.


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Gulludere 2 Valley
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