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Çat and Fırınasma Valleys

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It is believed that the name of Çat was given either because it was the conjunction point for caravan routes in Central Anatolia during Ottomans or, because it is the conjunction point of the valleys. Like every valley in Cappadocia, there is a stream flowing through the Valley and drying during summer but gives the green flora to the valley. Çat and Fırınasma Valleys are not included in the popular trekking valleys of Cappadocia but during the recent years, the trekkers began to use this racecourse as well.

Çat Valley lays down north-south direction between Çat borough and Gülşehir Açık Saray rmeaining. It is a 7000 Mt walking racecourse. As you pass a little bit the center of the Valley, another valley called Fırınasma valley connects with it. It is 4000 Mt until conjunction  point of Fırınasma Valley, after that point it is 3000 Mt until Gülşehir Açık Saray remainings (This area is called as Karayatak Valley). The trekking in Çat Valley starts in Çat borough. Here you mat find  stairs going down to the valley. The part until Fırınasma Valley hosts many spectacular dovecotes. Generally the trekking groups prefer to continue with Fırınasma Valley, instead of finishing the Çat Valley. There is a signboard at the conjunction point. Until that point the walking lasts for 1.5 hours.

Fırınasma Valley is around 3000 Mt. Generally the trekking groups do not go to the end of yhe Valley but we take the perpendicular foot path to Çat center on the right of the area where  the dovecotes are intense. The road from the beginning of Fırınasma Valley to Çat center is 4000 Mt and walking lasts for 3 hours. So, the combination of Çat and Fırınasma Valleys is 8000 Mt and walking lasts for 4.5 hours. Because of having different shaped formations, Fırınasma Valley takes the attention of the trekkers. Here, you can also see Fırınasma Church (Saint Lucas Church)


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Çat and Fırınasma Valleys
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